Who needs a life story?  -Probably not you!

Suffice to say I go back far enough to remember the joys of of photographic printing before a funky wee computer programme called ‘Photoshop’ popped up at University with it’s mind-blowing full 16 Megabytes of Ram....

Our Phones have 64 Gigabytes now.

For those interested:

I’m an all round video producer,

I script, shoot, and edit my own material, and present it back as final masters or as web-ready files to the client. For larger jobs I can also supply professional, industry experienced crew, we now also provide 4K Video Production.

I write, edit and produce voiceover scripts to client specs and data.

I’ve also had experience as 1st A.D. and as Line- Producer on Two 35mm features in America.

Call or email me to discuss any type of production.

Details on the contact page.


Put that iphone away

Just a few years ago HD video was regarded as ‘exotic’ It’s now the TV standard.

4k although slower on the uptake due to broadcasting the data stream, is going to become the de-facto standard, through Cable  & Broadband. Japan are already rolling out 8K Television.

There has never been a better time to be an image or video producer

However in all this heady, slightly mad Techno-Rush forward, there’s one thing that’s still being painfully overlooked by producers and programme makers alike, and that is:

“What’s the Story?”

Got one?  - email me!  07973 266 301

Photography & Video.    All formats,  HD & 4K

Samsung Wind Turbines, Fife

The 3-foot bungi-jump cord suddenly felt ridiculous

Rod Stein lives and works in Edinburgh. Scotland.

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